Pre-Survey Botany Beginners
At the University of Northern Iowa’s Tallgrass Prairie Center, we identify plants in order to monitor and troubleshoot prairie plantings and evaluate the results of experiments. Also, we just love native plants! In recent years, we have trained undergraduate research students and AmeriCorps service members during a 3-week “Botany Boot Camp.” With the advent of the COVID19 pandemic, it became necessary to provide this initial botany training in an alternate form. By moving to an online format, we are able to offer this training to others across the region. If you are someone who is looking for an introductory plant ID course and the opportunity to practice with some expert guidance, this course is for you!

This learning experience has been developed for a broad audience and uses a combination of remote teaching strategies.

Please respond to this short survey before June 8. Your answers will help us deliver a valuable program to you and will strengthen our position to offer this course in the future.
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