6th Grade Elective Selection for 2018-2019
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Courses and Elective Rotation for 6th Grade in 2018-2019:

C STEAM- All sixth grade students will take computer/technology class. This is the second of a two-year technology sequence that is designed to strengthen students’ skills in keyboarding, word processing, digital presentations, electronic spreadsheets, and basic web design.

Sixth Grade Fine Arts - Students will take a year long Art class as well as combination of Chorus/Drama or Band. This elective option allows students continued exposure to multiple fine arts classes without yet focusing on a particular topic (in seventh grade, students will select one fine arts class focus for the entire year.)

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Year-long Music Electives: (Students must select one)

Intermediate Band
Intermediate Band is a yearlong music elective open to students who have completed Fifth Grade Beginning Band or who have instrumental experience and/or a willingness to take private lessons.

Drama and Chorus
Drama and Beginning Chorus is a yearlong drama and music elective for sixth grade. Students will learn the basics to theatre and how to participate in a performance-based choral ensemble. Chorus students will learn about sight reading, key signatures, musical terminology and other musical elements as they perform music from different styles, genres and time periods. Chorus students will perform at several concerts for students and families throughout the year.

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Study Halls and Learning Academy:
All sixth grade students will be in a study hall that meets three times in a seven-day rotation during the first semester. Learning Academy Coaching takes the place of regular study hall rotations and is available for an additional fee. Coaching is designed for students in grades 5-8 to reinforce academic content and skills, test preparation, and organizational methods. If you would like to enroll your student in Learning Academy Coaching instead of regular study halls next year, please contact Kristen Allen for details at kallen@gastonday.org.
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