What motivates you?
The following survey contains questions about your values, goals as well as your behavior and well-being. As the result of this survey, you get a visualized map and explanations of your personal values tendencies. Simply explained, this evaluation points out what seems to be important to you as a person throughout various situation. This evaluation cannot substitute mindful self-reflection, but it can serve you as a good starting point to get more clarity about your personal values. Research findings imply that in our often accelerated and hectic lifes it is not self-evident to have clarity about the personal values. However, the findings strongly indicate that individuals, who have clarity about their values and who live in congruence with them have higher chances to become personally successful as well as to be satisfied and self-fulfilled.

Therefore, we encourage you to sometimes take a break to reflect on whether you are doing what is truly important to you in life.

We ask you to be open and honest in your responding. All the data is anonymized. The only thing we ask for at the end is a valid email address to be able to send you your personal evaluation. As the evaluation of your answers also requires us to take some steps manually, it can take up to two weeks until we send you your personal evaluation.

The survey takes 35 to 40 minutes and consists of several parts. The first part of questions after the demographic questions contains almost half of the questions. We kindly ask you to plan enough time, because you cannot pause the survey. The evaluation is based on latest scientific methods and has been tested in practice, especially in the field of psychology, as being valid and reliable. Please note that due to the methodology we use, only surveys that have been completely filled out can be evaluated.

Have fun with the survey!
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