Conservation Networking Event Survey
Kestrel Land Trust is working to provide better information and support to town conservation leaders. To inform our group’s work, we are conducting a survey to learn more about the concerns, needs, and perspectives of people interested in local conservation and management.

Please help us out by completing this brief survey.

This winter 2020, Kestrel Land Trust will host three informational/ networking events in western Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden Counties to address land conservation topics. This survey is for the event on Monday, March 16 at the South Hadley Public Library. Please feel welcome to complete this survey even if you are unable to attend.

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If you have any questions, please e-mail Denise Barstow

Thank you!
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Kestrel Land Trust is hosting an informational/networking event on Monday, March 16 at 6:30pm in South Hadley. Will you attend? *
What topic(s) would you want covered at this informational/networking event? (check all that apply)
Are there specific land conservation and management professionals you would want to meet? (check all that apply)
Which conservation organizations are your familiar with? (check all that apply)
What land conservation and management successes has your town experienced in the last few years? (ie. protected property in town, connected landowners with conservation organizations, revised bylaws to reflect conservation values, etc.)
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What land conservation and management challenges has your town experiences in the last few years?
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Are you a current or past member of your town Open Space Committee (OSC)
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