Your Voice: Plains FM Listener Survey
Tell us what you think about Plains FM!

To make Plains FM the best possible community Access radio station we can be, we need to know if you like what you hear on our programmes and podcasts, and what difference they make for you, or not.

So please help us by taking about 5 minutes to answer some easy questions about what is good and bad, what we can do better, and what difference we make. All your answers will be private - only we will see them.

If you have friends, colleagues or family members who also listen to Plains FM, please send the survey link to them too!

How you listen to Plains FM programmes and podcasts
How often do you listen to Plains FM programmes or podcasts? *
How do you listen to Plains FM programmes? *
Please tell us all the different ways you listen.
What time(s) of day do you listen to Plains FM radio or live streaming?
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