COVID19 Risk Management for Restart of Equestrian Coaching.
The following document lists the added precautions to taken to minimise the risks associated with restarting equestrian coaching in the current presence of COVID19, specifically to reduce the spread of and subsequent exposure to the virus and so reduce the risk to the coach and client and their associated households.

Clients are requested to read the document prior to their first session, apply the advice within it where relevant and ask questions if they have any.

All current Government guidelines must be followed including social distancing, hand washing/ sanitising as required and the use of appropriate PPE where recommended.
Terms and Conditions
Rider records will be updated including a review of individual risk assessments

Minimise persons present to essentials

A record will be kept of all present to enable contact tracing if needed

Limited clients and venues to be visited on any day, with extra time allowed between clients to enable extra hygiene precautions to be carried out

Extra hygiene measures will include, as a minimum, hand washing and sanitising on arrival at a venue and when leaving and changing of clothing that could have been contaminated

Car to be parked away from other vehicles and shared areas

Touch of shared surfaces to be minimised eg. Gates, latches, poles

Social distancing of at least 2 m from all persons on site

Use of PPE, gloves and face mask where distancing is not possible eg. In the event of a fall

Coach and clients must communicate openly about COVID19 and any possible positive contacts

Coach and clients must self isolate as per Government Guidelines if they suffer from symptoms or have had close contact (within 2m for 15mins or more) with a confirmed positive contact.

Please make sure you are aware of the possible range of symptoms of COVID19.

Coaching and travel will be suspended if local virus threat increases, NHS burden appears to be increasing, or it becomes apparent that the risk to coach or client becomes too great.

Falls are unavoidable but risk will be minimised by working within the clients ability and fitness levels and progressing gradually.

Clients must be aware that pressure on emergency services may result in delays in attending in the event of accident.

In the event of a fall, the coach will perform First Aid in accordance with training and updated guidance.

Payment to be made via Bank transfer or PayPal to avoid handling of cash
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Social Media
I request that posts are not made on social media about lessons at this time, as the introduction of Leisure activities will be considered too soon by some people who have been directly affected by the virus and may cause upset.

Please ask for any other information you require and refer at all times to the current Government Guidance on reduction of risk.Guidance notes will be reviewed in line with changes in Government Guidelines and local virus threat, or at least every 3 months.
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