Morning Sign Out Editor in Chief Application
Thank you for your interest in joining MSO!

Within Morning Sign Out there are both writers and editors that make up the core of our publishing team that spans multiple campuses within California. As the editor in chief, you will be able to show your leadership, organizational skills, adaptability, interpersonal, and communication skills. You will have a significant role in being the final checkpoint on any published articles, and will be responsible for ensuring all articles are up to MSO standards in terms of grammar and content. To help with the workload, you will also have a staff of editors specifically helping you at your disposal as well as administrative staff. However, leadership of this team and the publication will fall to you. Of note, our publication is also an evolving process, and so an individual is capable of giving and implementing feedback would be an excellent candidate for the position.


- Managing the day to day publishing operations of Morning Sign Out

- Editing articles by assigned deadlines to publish articles on a daily basis

- Communicating with writers, administrators, and editor in chief staff to facilitate publications

- Ensuring that articles are of the highest quality in preparation for publication

- Creating MSO article style and formatting guidelines, and informing and enforcing said guidelines

- Participating in editor searches and hiring decisions

Time requirement: approximately 5 hrs/week

Please note that we will fill at least two Editor in Chief positions to decrease workload.

Deadline: February 1st, 10 pm PST

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Edit this sample article and leave the finished version below. Add comments that you'd send to the writer. Pretend that this is something a writer is trying to push to our main blog which the whole world sees. You are welcome to use online or other tools at your disposal in checking this.
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