Change Leaders Working Group Informal Discussion Sign-Up: Winter/Spring 2021
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Discussion 1:
Title: Supporting Faculty in Developing Equitable Assessments
Date: Tuesday, January 19th 12pm ET
Presenters: Carie Cardamone (Assoc. Director Tufts University Center for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching) & Heather Dwyer (Asst. Director Tufts University Center for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching)
Abstract: Assessments may be only part of a course, but they can play a critical role in fostering or hindering student learning. Assessments that seemingly provide equal opportunity to demonstrate student learning can actually unintentionally send messages that a student does not belong in a given course. In this workshop, we will explore characteristics of equitable assessments and reflect on our own implicit assumptions about grading and assessment.

Discussion 2:
Title: (Short course) Collaboration for Change: Engaging stakeholders and working together on common goals
Date: March 4, 2pm ET
Presenter: Stephanie Chasteen (Chasteen Educational Consulting)
Abstract and resources: Online at

Discussion 3:
Title: (Short course) Leadership for Change
Presenter: Gita Bangera (Bellevue College)
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