The Advent Narrative Launch Team
I'm so glad that you're interested in being part of my launch team!

EVERYONE who completely fills out this form will be on the team and will receive the digital file of the book so they can begin reading before the book releases + exclusive access to our Facebook group and Launch Team giveaways.

Once we officially begin, I'll give away 25 copies of the book to members who complete a fun Launch Team mission! :)

Launch team members agree to:
-- Be present and engaged in the exclusive Launch Team Facebook group. (Regularly check in for fun announcements, giveaways, and super-easy ways to share about the book.)
-- Spread the word on social media and in person with family and friends.
-- Review the book on Amazon and GoodReads the week of release.

Please note:
-- You must have an active Facebook account, since that is where we will be communicating as a Launch Team.
-- Our group will be together for 4 weeks, October 26-November 20. You can expect giveaways, behind-the-scenes videos, and super simple Launch Team tasks (many take less than 30 seconds to complete) in our group.
-- The application form will close at noon CST on Wednesday, October 21.

I'm so grateful for you,

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You must have an active Facebook account, since that is where we will be communicating as a launch team.
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Are you willing to leave an honest review of The Advent Narrative on Amazon and GoodReads during release week? The book releases on November 10th. We'll share easy-to-follow instructions on how to leave a review! *
By submitting this application, I agree to help spread the word during the time period of 10/26-11/20. This includes sharing about the book on social media as well as leaving a review on Amazon and GoodReads. I will be an active member of the Launch Team and can't wait to begin! *
Before submitting, please review the information provided for your name and email address. It's very important that everything is entered and spelled correctly so we can send you access to The Advent Narrative! *
After clicking SUBMIT below, let the page load completely so your information goes through. You'll then see a message from me. :)
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