SHS Music Volunteer Form (2019-2020)
Hello, thank you for volunteering! Here are some guidelines:
~Every orchestra and choir member has a requirement of 8 service hours each year to be considered for a leadership position.
~When working concessions, 1 hour of work counts as 1.5 service hours.
~Students' parents can contribute 1/2 of their hours of each entry towards a student (4 hours contributed max per parent entry). For families with siblings, parent hours must be completed separately for each child.
Please record your service below:
Student Name: *
Select Your Group *
Volunteering Done By: *
For parents ONLY: If you have more than one child, you may split your hours between them. The total number of hours across all children must equal the number of hours you volunteered. (Ex. Mr. Smith volunteered 2 hours. He may record 1 hour for his daughter and 1 for his son.)
Date of Volunteering: *
Event: *
Adult Supervisor: *
Hours Completed: *
Write numeric value only. (Ex. If you volunteered for 2 hours and 30 minutes, write "2.5")
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