2020-2021 8th Grade Schedule Request
UPDATED DUE DATE: April 15, 2020
If you have not returned the paper form to your child's teacher please complete this form to help us best schedule students for classes next year.

Parents/Students: Please mark your first and second choice for electives you want to participate in next year. Those wishing to be an aide must have the required signatures. This DOES NOT guarantee an aide position. Students who make a school team will automatically be placed in an athletic period. Schedule requests not returned by the due date will result in your child being placed in an elective of our choosing. Schedules will not be changed once the school year begins due to the master schedule being made by your child’s request in March.

Call or email Ashley McCulloch with any questions: 256-355-5104, armcculloch@morgank12.org

*Please check the PJHS website for any updates at https://www.morgank12.org/Domain/19 or visit our Priceville Junior High School Facebook page.
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Required classes: English 8, World History I, Science 8: Physical Science, Physical Education or Athletics, 8th grade math or Algebra 1, Enrichment *
During the Enrichment period students have a couple options for classes to enroll in. Please choose the appropriate option for your child. *
Please mark your child's first and second choice for electives. If your child is in band that will be their first choice. They may also choose to take Agriscience. Students may only choose ONE elective. Final decisions on student's marking an aide position will be made by administration and teachers. *
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