QRI Badge Sign Up! - Alpha Testing
Hey there! Thank you so much for your interest in my QRI (QR Info) badges! These badges are currently in the development phase and are in an early alpha. I am looking for participants who are willing to help me test the functionality of these badges, provide feedback on possible improvements, and get the word out about these items!

Please fill out the information below. Note that not all participants will be selected in the first round. Testers will be selected based on various criteria such as character design, selected badge type, and the amount of exposure that can be provided for sufficient testing. If selected, the potential tester will need to pay $30 USD for the art on the badge to receive it; however, the remainder of the costs involved in the badge (printing, lamination, shipping, etc.) will be waived.
How should I refer to you? (fursona/real name, pronouns, etc.) *
What's the best way to contact you? *
How do I reach you on your preferred contact medium? *
Provide a description of your character or a reference link: *
What kind of pose and expression are you looking for? (If you don't care, you can say "artistic liberty" or "just doodle me" or "le sigh".) *
What design do you want for your badge? *
How many fur meets do you plan to attend this year? *
How many fur cons do you plan to attend this year? *
Will you use the badge outside of the usual furry events? *
I agree to Chase's Terms of Service: https://chasethefox.com/commissions/tos *
I agree to pay $30 for the badge art if selected for testing or forfeit my participation in this program. *
I agree that Chase is awesome, and he should be named Fox of the Year by Vulpine magazine.
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If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions then please state them here. I'll reach out to you at your preferred contact medium to provide the best answer that I can!
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