Globe Town Common Vision Feedback Survey (Interim)
Tell us how the Globe Town Common Vision initiative was for you. Our mission is to involve local residents, community groups and high street businesses in future plans for the area. To enable us to continue with and improve this initiative, we need to know how these events went.
One of the main aims of our Globe Town Common Vision initiative is to increase and strengthen the connections between people within a community. We believe that a community is more empowered if it has better connections.
How many new contacts have you made within the community though the Globe Town Common Vision workshops?
Consider local traders, local residents, community organisations, council representatives and visitors including everyone you met at tonight's event :)
Do you feel more part of the community? *
Not at all
I have made new connections which I expect to continue to make use of *
For this question please consider connections that might lead to collaborating with other locals/community groups or any other professional opportunity.
Who have you met through this project?
This is optional and you don't have to tell us but we would love to know about any new friendships or collaborations that are in the making due to this project.
Your answer
Here we want to know how valuable the Globe Town Common Vision workshops have been to you.
" I feel more informed about the opportunities, projects and proposed schemes happening in the local area." *
Disagree strongly
Agree strongly
" I feel more positive about my neighbourhood." *
Disagree strongly
Agree strongly
"I feel inspired to take a more active role in the community" *
This could range from attending consultations to volunteering or joining a steering committee.
Disagree strongly
Agree strongly
Would you be interested in continuing to participate in the Globe Town Common Vision initiative? *
How did we do?
Roman Road Trust is nothing without grassroots involvement like yours. Your testimony will help us encourage others to take part in future workshops, benefitting other high streets like yours.
Did you enjoy being involved in the Globe Town Common Vision Workshops? *
I really didn't enjoy it
I very much enjoyed it
What do you think we could do to improve the support we offer? *
Your answer
What was the highlight of the project for you? *
This could be anything from meeting new friends/business owners, a specific event we organised (themed workshops, events on the square square, the social networking event), a speaker at one of our events, a suggestion that has been made for the area, our shop-to-shop visits, the video we made.
Your answer
How valuable is it for the community to have a facilitator like Roman Road Trust? *
Not valuable at all
Very valuable
If you are happy to recommend Roman Road Trust, we would be grateful if you could provide a testimonial. Not sure what to say? You could explain 'why' you would recommend others to join in (eg I feel more part of the community, I have made useful collaborations, I have learned new skills, I feel better able to improve my area). Or you could give a before and after snapshot (before I didn't feel connected to the neighbourhood, but now I feel there are lots of exciting opportunities). Or describe your emotions eg "Taking part in the Globe Town Common Vision initiative has been probably one of the most heart-warming / inspiring / valuable / rewarding / fun / things I've done in my entire life on this planet! :-DDD Disclaimer: the testimonial may be published online!
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About you
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Last name *
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Organisation name *
If none, mark none.
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Gender *
Age *
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I am a ... *
Thank you!
As cliched as this sounds, this couldn't have happened without you! Thank you for your social action. You all took time out of your lives to do something 'a bit different and a bit unknown' for the benefit of the community. We hope that you will benefit with new friends, collaborators and new projects to take part in.
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