Southern States Speech and Debate Tournament Policy Debate Disclosure
To improve the quality of competition and educational value to all students in Policy Debate, we encourage you to participate in a tournament facilitated disclosure. Please complete this Google form for your Policy teams by Monday, April 5. Please submit a form for EACH TEAM entered in the tournament.

Anyone who participates by April 5 will get access to the Google document disclosure by April 6. Ideally, we get 100% participation so that everyone can adequately prepare their teams, lessening the anxiety and improving the competitive competence of teams for all skill levels.

While some adjustments to a team's arguments between April 6 and the start of the tournament are understandable (e.g., students get faster before, and can add an extra terminal impact to their advantage or a team reads a small aff that requires a more specific off-case), this disclosure should remain reasonably stable once published to everyone. Thank you for participating!
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Debaters' Names and Experience Level *
(For example, "Smith/Jones - debating in 2nd tournament" or "Smith/Jones - 8th graders with 3 years of debate experience")
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Link to NDCA Policy Wiki (if Applicable)
If your team has a wiki already, please post the link to their wiki page. Note that having a wiki is not a tournament requirement.
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