Designer Receiving Contract
Movemasters Inc.
Receiving/ Ship to Address: 745 Lipan St Denver CO 80204
Receiving/ Warehouse hours: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday thru Friday (Open dock, no appointments needed)


RECEIVING: $85.00 per hour billed in fifteen minute increments, $21.00 minimum charge. Receiving services include off-loading inbound items, uncartoning/uncrating, inspecting for damage or flaws, shrink-wrapping if necessary, placing into storage, discarding of packing materials and crates, and if necessary processing claims for damage found upon inspection. Movemasters will notify you by email within 48 hours of receiving.

STORAGE: $1.50 per square foot per month. For example, a 8x4 foot sofa is 32 square feet and would cost $45.00 per month to store, or $1.50 per day. There is a $0.50 per items per day minimum on single piece shipments. You will be notified by mail on the receiving invoice what the specific charges per day for storage will be.

DELIVERY: $160.00 per hour, 2 men, 1 hour minimum, billed in 15 minute increments. Travel time will be charged, meaning the clock begins when we leave our warehouse, and is stopped once the crew has returned to our warehouse after the delivery. There is a one time fuel charge of $68 in the metro denver area. A minimum $28.00 dock fee is charged for item(s) picked up from our warehouse. ALL DELIVERIES MUST BE SCHEDULED ONLINE IN ORDER TO ELECT INSURANCE PRIOR TO DELIVERY

ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION: In general Movemasters will assume responsibility for simple assembly of furniture items arriving with all necessary components, hardware and pre-drilled connection points. Movemasters will not assume responsibility for any drilling or modification to items necessary for assembly. Certain complex assemblies may require a manufacturer’s representative. Under no circumstances will Movemasters assume responsibility for electrical connections involved with furniture assembly or the malfunction of any electrical components in items delivered or assembled by Movemasters personnel.

REPAIRS: Should any damage occur during delivery or storage of items by Movemasters, Movemasters reserves the right to fix or repair Any items or to contract with repair or fabrication professionals of our choosing. By Colorado Statute, movers liability does not exceed sixty cents per pound, per damaged article, unless additional valuation coverage is purchased.

FREIGHT COLLECT: A minimum $20.00 handling charge is applied to all incoming freight charges paid by Movemasters. Freight collect charges over $150.00 shall have a 10% handling charge.

PAYMENT: Any designer authorizing shipment of items to Movemasters shall assume responsibility for all charges of receiving, freight, handling, storage, and delivery. Movemasters cannot re-invoice charges to individual clients showrooms, or manufacturers. Payment is due within seven days of invoice date, without offset, in the form of cash, credit card or check. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and personal checks. Movemasters reserves the right to require C.O.D. payment for new clients who do not have an established payment history. Late charges of 5% of balance or $20.00 per month, whichever is greater, are applied to unpaid balances. If collection is necessary on fees owed Movemasters by suit or otherwise, designer authorizing shipment agrees to pay interest of 1.75% per month until paid in addition to collection costs including attorney’s fees, and waives rights to claim exemption under applicable law. In the event of litigation, the prevailing party is entitled to an award of its attorney’s fees. The parties agree that jurisdiction and venue is proper in the courts located in Denver, Colorado.

INSURANCE: By Colorado Statute, movers liability does not exceed $0.60 cents per pound, per damaged article, unless additional valuation coverage is purchased. Additional insurance for your items can be purchased at a cost of $40.00 per $1,000 of declared value. (Ex: A declared value of  $20,000 of coverage costs $800.00) Regardless of whether valuation coverage is purchased, Movemasters reserves the right to fix or repair any damaged item with the repair professional of our choice. Note: There is a $150.00 deductible for any additional insurance purchased. Regardless of declared value, Movemasters is not responsible for claim amounts that exceed the insured amount declared for delivery to Movemasters.

Above rates are subject to increase without written notice.
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