EL Civics Survey - Teachers 2017-18
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In your opinion, how useful were the EL Civics Assessments for your students to learn about…
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The Assessment was not administered this year
English for Work? (jobs, applications, help wanted ads...)
Resources in your Community? (reading maps, locating services)
Nutrition? (healthy eating choices, how to read a food label...)
Health Care? (finding a doctor, clinics, immunizations)
DMV? (getting a driver's license, traffic citations, regulations...)
Soft Skills? (get a job, keep a job, or get a better job)
Transitions? (goal setting, steps to achieve an educational goal / training goal)
Digital Literacy? (social media, email and online communication)
Successful Learners (effective communication with school staff)
Please share any comments / feedback regarding using EL Civics as an assessment:
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