Bridgefoot Street Community Garden
Bridgefoot Street Park will be a major public park for the Liberties and the city of Dublin. It has the potential to transform the South West Inner City and to act as a major resource for local residents.

A major component of the new Bridgefoot Street Park will be a community garden managed by a committee made up of local residents and representatives of local organisations.
Local Community Development Project, Robert Emmet CDP, have been asked by DCC Parks to facilitate the establishment of a committee and to date 13 local organisations and residents groups have put forward representatives to form this committee.

The purpose of this survey is to understand the interests of local individuals who would like to engage in the community garden so the physical space as well as the opportunities that come with it can be appropriately designed according to participant’s wishes.

The survey has been distributed through representatives of local groups that currently form the Bridgefoot Street Community Garden Committee. The survey has also been widely advertised on social media to invite wider local input and ensure that results are as representative as possible.

There is still an opportunity for local groups to nominate a representative to join the Bridgefoot Street Community Garden Committee- please email if you represent a local group and are interested. This survey should be completed by April 6th 2021.
If you are completing this survey electronically it can be returned by simply clicking the submit button at the bottom of this survey. If you are completing a physical copy of this survey it should be returned to the organisation who provided it to you by April 6th 2021.
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How do you feel about a community garden in Bridgefoot Street park? *
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Are you interested in taking part in gardening classes delivered online during Covid restrictions? *
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What do you think the purpose of a community garden should be? (Select all that apply) *
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