ELI Talks captures inspired Jewish ideas, discussed by individuals from all walks of life who undergo rigorous learning to be able to effectively share their uniquely Jewish ideas. These ideas are recorded in front of a live studio audience and shared widely to create and continue meaningful conversations. Through the use of modern digital platforms, ELI makes the 2-millennia-old tradition of Jewish discourse an accessible and inspirational tool for dealing with today's concerns to more people in more places than ever before.

We are currently accepting applications for SPRING 2017. The cohort will begin meeting in January and filming will take place just before Passover 2017 (exact dates TBD). Please direct questions regarding the application, our decision process, or the logistics of the coaching and filming timeline to Mary Otts (Project Coordinator at ELI Talks) at motts@see3.com.

This form is to nominate a speaker, if you would yourself like to apply to be an ELI speaker, please do so here: http://elitalks.org/are-you-next-eli-speaker

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