Wappingers | Fall 20/21: Student Chromebook Request

Good Afternoon WCSD Community

Unfortunately, we have reached a point where we have more requests than we have devices.

You can still make a request, but please know that you will be placed on a waiting list. We have placed an order for additional devices, and we are hopeful that we may receive at least a partial order that will be ready to deploy within the next few weeks.

We are very sorry for the delay, once a device becomes available we will reach out to you immediately.

Thank you.

Art Schouten | Director of Instructional Technology.


The Wappingers Central School District has a limited number of Chromebook devices available for students for the start of the 20-21 school year. We are aware that some households may require more than one device since there are multiple siblings attending school within the household, but at the same time, we also need to ensure that those who have not previously received a device have an opportunity to borrow one. In order to reserve a device, we ask that you please complete the following form.

We will contact you via email once we have scheduled a date/time & location for pickup. Thank you.


El Distrito Escolar Central de Wappingers tiene un número limitado de dispositivos Chromebook disponibles para los estudiantes para el comienzo del año escolar 20-21. Somos conscientes de que algunos hogares pueden requerir más de un dispositivo ya que hay varios hermanos que asisten a la escuela dentro del hogar, pero al mismo tiempo, también debemos asegurarnos de que aquellos que no hayan recibido previamente un dispositivo tengan la oportunidad de pedir prestado uno. Para reservar un dispositivo, le pedimos que complete el siguiente formulario.

Nos comunicaremos con usted por correo electrónico una vez que hayamos programado una fecha y hora para la recogida. Gracias.
Parent Name (Nombre del padre:) *
Parent Email Address (Correo electrónico de los padres:) *
Have you already received, and still have in your possession, a Chromebook from the District (¿Ya recibió un Chromebook del Distrito?) *
What school does your child who you are requesting to borrow the chromebook for attend? ¿A qué escuela asiste su hijo? *
Please tell us your child's Student ID Number (Indique su número de identificación de estudiante más joven.) *
Please tell us your child's name (Escriba el nombre del estudiante más joven de su hogar.) *
how many school aged children do you have in your home ? *
How many devices do you currently have in your home to access student lessons and assignments (including previously borrowed District devices)? ¿Cuántos dispositivos tiene actualmente en su hogar para acceder a las lecciones y tareas de los estudiantes (incluidos los dispositivos del Distrito prestados anteriormente)? *
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