A New Perception
One of the major parts of psychology is analyzing situations through the psychological framework and then making a suggestion for individual improvement. Work through the following activity to help you work through a question as a structural psychologist might.
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1. Brainstorm and list 10 things that may influence the development of an individual psychologically(mental and emotional development). Structuralism View: The whole is equal to the sum of its parts *
2. Sort those factors into things that an individual can control, and things they cannot control. Explain your reasoning for two of each of your factors from either side. Structuralism View: Tries to understand the basic contributions of each part *
Explanation 1: Can Control *
Explanation 2: Can Control *
Explanation 1: Can't Control *
Explanation 2: Can't Control *
3. Choose one of those factors that you said can be controlled and come up with a suggestion for how people can change (lifestyle, habit, actions) to improve their mental/emotional development. *
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