Belden Street Employment Application
Thank you for choosing Belden Street Montessori in your career path. We are dedicated to hiring professionals who are energetic, motivated, and possess integrity. Belden Street Montessori is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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Date of Birth
High School Graduate or G.E.D recipient
Will complete an FBI criminal background check and a Child Maltreatment Central Registry check
Can lift 50 lbs?
Physically able to safely supervise young children and perform necessary job functions?
United States Citizen, or legally authorized to work in the United States?
Will provide Social Security Card or Birth Certificate?
Will submit to drug and alcohol testing as required?
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Do you have any experience working with young children?
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Do you have children that you would need to bring with you?
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If answered yes on last question, how old is your child?
What are your career goals and objectives?
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