Soundscapes Daily Program Registration (2023-2024 Season)
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Welcome! We are excited for you to register for our Daily Program at Carver and Greenwood.

New Students: We are accepting rising 2nd graders through rising 4th graders at both Carver and Greenwood Elementary Schools. New students will be selected via lottery in September 2023

Returning Students: Current Soundscapes students will automatically gain entrance into the program as long as they are re-registered for the 2022-2023

***If you are interested in Peninsula Youth Orchestra please fill out this audition form even if the student plans to also participate in the Daily Program: 

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Financial Information
In order for Soundscapes to make this after school program accessible, we must collect some basic financial information about your family. This personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared outside the organization on an individual basis. This information is required for enrollment in Soundscapes.
Total Household Family Size (Including adults) *
Select the number closest to your family's total annual household income from all sources *
Bus stop MAY be different than the student's regular stop. Please note: If you would like to use a daycare stop, a daycare request form must be filled out in the Main office THIS current school year. All bus stops must be within the site's bus zone.
Transportation: This year, my child will: *
Primary Contact Information
Your contact information is used to contact you about Soundscapes program related information only. This information will remain confidential.
Parent/Guardian #1 Full Name: *
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Emergancy Contact Information
Persons authorized to pick up child (other than parent) OR to contact in case of emergency. These contacts must be different than those listed above, and there must be at least one name.
EC-1 Full Name: *
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Photo and Video Release
By participating in Soundscapes, I give permission and consent for the above named child to be photographed, interviewed, or video recorded during program activities. I further give permission and consent that any such media may be published via any media medium (i.e. print, broadcast, internet or any other available medium) and used by Soundscapes and its agents, to illustrate and promote the program experience.

Photo/Video Release Initials *
School Records Release
By participating in Soundscapes, I authorize the release of records for the above named child to Soundscapes.  These records may include, but are not limited to, student educational records, IEP (if applicable), eligibility minutes, psychological reports, sociological history reports, educational reports and medical/health records.

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