Plymouth Architectural Trust Member Survey
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We'd love to have your views and ideas on what activities the Trust should get involved in.
What do you think of the evening lectures and visits that we already organise? *
Need improvement
Do you think these evening events should be more frequent *
Which of these would you like as themes for our lectures and visits? *
Would you like us to go further afield? Day trips to Exeter; Bristol; London? *
Would you like to participate in design workshops, perhaps on specific projects or issues in our area? *
Should we simply educate our members about good design, or should we have a campaigning role, lobbying for better design in our local environment? *
Should the Plymouth Architectural Trust have a strong, whole city vision of what it is now, and where it might want to go? Only the City Council has a vision on this scale. Would drafting a statement be a good idea? *
Do you have any other thoughts or ideas about our purpose and activities?
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Thank you!
Thank you for helping us plan the future of the Trust. Come to our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 15th November 2017 when we shall give you some feedback on this survey.
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