/hbg/ eShop Donation Form 3.0
Make sure you are joined to the community chat https://discord.io/homebrewchat !
Your discord username.mexample: Pepe#6189. Ignore if you don’t use discord.
Region of the eshop card (US, EU, JP or Other. Specify!)) *
Value of the eshop card you are about to donate *
Redeem code (also known as PIN. They are 16 digits long and include letters and numbers) *
Gmail address you want us to add to the drive
Any other comments you want to add (if you donate towards any especific game, specify here) also, if you are not sure about wether a characer of the code is 5 or S (for example), post a link to a picture of the code here.
Have you donated before? If so, specify which role you currently have. Leave blank if this is your first time donating.
Don't forget to join the hbg chat server to receive your role upgrade: https://discord.io/homebrewchat
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