MedAnth May 23 - Jain - Mortality Effect
Please post your answers here and bring them to class for Jieun (TA). Write them out as paragraphs please
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How does the text circulate?
* Where and when was it written? * Who is the author? * Who is it written for? How can you infer the audience? * What is promised in the introduction? * Does the conclusion fulfill the promise? * Who are the texts' friends and enemies? * How are citations used?
What is it about, empirically? (What is being studied as the object?)
* We'll start with this and how to expand on it * Where is it located? * What is the scale - nation, region, city, institution, person? * What is the time of the study? * Is there a comparison? of what?
What is the main argument and goal of the writing?
* to verify something? or challenge a theoretical claim? * What is the main argument? * Is the argument explicit or performed or both? * What evidence is provided for the argument? * How robust is the argument? * On what grounds could it be challenged? * What are the key concepts used? * Are concepts challenged or invented? * How are health, illness and disease used? * Are they defined? * What notion of human nature is assumed or discovered? * Universal or particular?
What method was used? How was the data generated?
* Ethnography, interviews, statistics? * If interviews, what questions were asked? * Does it look at what people do, say, or think? * How was the data analyzed? Infer if not explicit. * What assumptions shaped the inquiry? * How were people grouped or categorized? * What core values are assumed? * Especially values of health and illness * What data would strengthen the text?
Discuss a passage (citing page number) that inspired you or frustrated you
Then type out a paragraph or two 160-300 words discussing a passage (citing page number) that inspired you or frustrated you, how it did so
Pose two open-ended questions for the class
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