Application to become a member of European Youth Parliament Norway Alumni Association (EYPNAA)
Please fill out this form if you wish to become a member of EYPNAA. You need to apply for a membership with an application as stated in the statutes (§5, iii.) if you do not meet the criteria stated in §5, i. or ii. (translated):

§5 (Membership)
1. A membership is available to anyone who has paid a membership fee within the last year, and has either:
i. represented Norway at an event approved by the organisation,
ii. represented another country at an International Session of EYP, but is currently residing in Norway, or,
iii. had their individual application approved by the board of EYPNAA.

This application will be read and evaluated by the board of EYPNAA, and we will contact you afterwards with instructions on how to proceed to become a member.

Important note: All information that is being collected in this application (except from full name and e-mail address) will only be used for the purpose of determining your qualifications to become a member of EYPNAA. The application will be deleted after the end of the application process.

OBS! You can answer the questions in Norwegian or English based on your own preference.
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Place of residence (this information is gathered to give you suggestions on which local branch of EYPNAA you can join): *
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I understand that EYPNAA is a politically independent program directed towards youth, and will do my best to contribute to the non-judgmental and open-minded attitude within the organization. *
I understand and confirm that the board of EYPNAA can collect and keep the information above with the intention to consider me as an appropriate member of EYPNAA. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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