Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni - Digital Usage Contract (BYOD Agreement)

Technology plays a large role in our students’ lives. Personal devices can enhance and enrich learning opportunities both at home and at school. Cwm Rhymni is committed to allowing responsible, learning-centred use of personal devices at school so as to provide as many pathways to understanding as possible for our students.

General Information
Access to the Cwm Rhymni Guest (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device) wireless network, either with school-provided or personal devices, is filtered in compliance with Cwm Rhymni and CCBC Fair Use Policy. Students will not have direct access to any documents that reside on the school network from their personal devices. However, by using their school Google Apps for Education account they can exchange documents with teachers and fellow students.

Access to the Cwm Rhymni BYOD Wireless network is a privilege, not a right.

Any use of the Guest (BYOD) wireless network entails personal responsibility and compliance with all school rules and the Cwm Rhymni Acceptable Use Policies. In using the Cwm Rhymni network you willingly grant IT staff permission to conduct any necessary investigations regarding inappropriate Internet use at any time.

When I use ICT at school I have responsibilities and rules to follow. I agree to:
- Be a safe user whenever and wherever I use that technology
- Be responsible whenever and wherever I use technology and support others by being respectful in how I talk to and work with them and never write or participate in online bullying. This includes forwarding messages and supporting others in harmful, inappropriate or hurtful online behaviour.
- Report to an adult if I feel unsafe or uncomfortable online or see a friend being unsafe or being made to feel uncomfortable by others

For your safety you should know that:
- All online activities are logged
- Data saved on the network is not “private”
- Inappropriate behaviour could result in actions that may inconvenience you and your studies

Guidelines for use:
- One device per pupil registered at any one time
- Use of personal devices will only be at the teachers’ discretion during lessons
- Devices must be used as directed by teachers
- Primary purpose of personal equipment will be for educational use
- Use of personal equipment must not cause distraction
- Students must bring devices fully charged, charging devices is under teachers’ discretion
- Students agree not to attempt to bypass school security system and filtering solutions
- Students are not permitted to distribute photos or videos unless directed by the teacher
- You are responsible for the care of your device before, during and after school hours

When using any personal device:
- I agree to be responsible in my use, and not find, create or send data that can be harmful, inappropriate or hurtful
- I will keep devices on silent, unless directed otherwise

If the device has a built in camera:
- I will only take photographs, record video or sound when directed to from a teacher
- I will seek permission from individuals prior to taking photos, recording video or sound
- I will not upload any content to social media unless directed to by a teacher

Cwm Rhymni School will not be responsible for:
- Personal devices that are lost, damaged or stolen
- Maintenance, i.e. anti-virus, loss of data, fixing hardware or software issues
- Backup of data on the cloud
- School licenced software will not be installed on any device.

Devices that can be used in Cwm Rhymni are listed below:
- Laptop/Netbook/Notebook
- E-Reader
- Tablets (Apple, Android, Windows)
- Mobile Phones

Consequences for Misuse/Disruption (one or more may apply):
- The device is taken away for the period or the rest of the school day
- The device is taken away and kept in the Office until a parent/guardian picks it up
- The student is refused permission to use personal devices at school
- Disciplinary action in line with the school disciplinary procedures may be imposed
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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