Happening #144 Rector Application
This is only one part of the Happening Rector Application. We also need the following documents/items:

-Recommendation Letters from your parish priest, youth leader, parent, and one adult leader in your church community.

- A one page spiritual essay that should reflect your faith and how you live that faith out in the world. Please include how you nurture your faith on a regular basis. Explain in detail how you are involved in the life and worship of your own Episcopal Church.

-A list of leadership activities you have participated in outside of Happening in your community.

- A short video where you share your favorite part about Happening as a Candidate and Team Member.

All of these materials including the following application are due by May 1st, 2021 by 6pm. Late entries of any kind will not be accepted. Please feel free to take a picture of this page to serve as a reminder for what is needed for your application to be considered complete.

Please send these documents to youth@diocesefl.org with the subject line: Happening #144 Rector Application.
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