Amy-ITX returns with Friends!
This is another non binding interest application for the Amy-ITX motherboard as well as two optimized accessories by the Swedish developer 'Mr.A'.

To make things as simple as possible these cards will be DIY. You get blank PCBs, BOM and instructions to assemble the board or ask a friend to help out.

Prices and application on the next page..

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Based around the original custom chips of the Classic Amiga(tm) computer from Commodore(tm) Amy-ITX is ready to run all your favorite Classic games and applications. The core design focuses on compatibility, stability and flexibility. Her designer is an experienced hardware engineer and work on this project started around 2010. Most non Commodore custom electronics are optimized SMD (Surface-Mount Devices). This not only makes Amy smaller in size (170x170 mm) but also cuts cost and makes her more environmentally friendly.

This kit contains two PCBs (Main and Chip RAM/RTC) and all documentation needed to assemble a working system. Three pre programmed IC's is available separately for your convenience.

At a glance,

• Standard ITX form factor (170×170 mm).
• Standard ATX power connector (24-pin).
• 2 x Zorro II compatible slots.
• PS/2 connectors for Amiga or PC mouse/keyboards. Scroll wheel supported.
• 2 x Standard Amiga mouse/joystick ports (DB9).
• Standard serial & parallel ports (DB25).
• Internal Amiga floppy connector.
• Standard 3.5mm jack for external audio as well as internal audio headers.
• Custom space-optimized A/V port(!) (15-pin).
• Support for full ”ECS-chipset” and 2Mb Chip RAM.

10Mbit Network Card (Zorro)
Next up is a space optimized 10Mbit Network card. Performance is similar to the Ariadne 2 network card. It is based on the same IC (RTL8019) and works perfectly with existing drivers.

This DIY Kit includes one PCB and two pre programmed IC's.

Motorola 68030@50MHz Accelerator with 6MB FAST RAM and Ultra fast IDE
Next up is an extremely optimized 030-based accelerator for the Motorola 68k CPU-socket. It was designed to fit perfectly with Amy in a tight case. Not only is it a beautiful combo - it turns out it outperforms every single Amiga accelerator in the category. With 6MB FAST RAM and an IDE bus faster than anything released. This is simply the fastest and most compatible 030 accelerator to date.

This Kit contains one PCB and all necessary documentation and software.

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