Campion School - January 2021 - Critical Worker or Vulnerable Child Request Form.
To be completed by parents/carers working in vital services or that have a child is considered to be in a vulnerable group that request a place during the period of school closure due to Coronavirus. Please complete a separate form for each child.
Why do you believe your child qualifies for a place? *
Name of Student *
Year Group *
House *
Parent / Carer 1 Details (Name) *
Parent / Carer 1 Work Details - Position Held
Parent / Carer 1 Employee Name
Parent / Carer 2 Details (Name)
Parent / Carer 2 Work Details - Position Held
Parent / Carer 2 Employee Name
For vulnerable children requests, please state why your child should be considered within this category? (For key worker requests, please put N/A)
Which days of the week do you require provision for? (Select all that apply) *
Date you would like the provision to start *
Lunch Provision for Child *
I confirm all the information in this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. (Important: Please complete an additional form for each additional children) A groupcall will be sent out confirming the place at the end of each day. *
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