Bassoon Student's Contact Info
Below you will find a google doc you can quickly fill in and submit. Your responses are secure and I will not share any of your information without your permission.  Thank you for helping me have your up to date information so I can easily contact you.  Having your information will also be very handy in case of bad weather and a necessity to cancel lessons arises. I will email to cancel lessons first and request confirmation you have received the email, then begin calling and/or texting.

Contacting Me:
You can contact me best by email, if it is a last minute thing you can text me or call 410-905-0997.  If you want to be very sure: email, text, and call.  Texting is better than calling in the evening, often, because if I am in a lesson I can get back to you if I only have a few moments between lessons.
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Name of bassoon Student? *
Parent name(s)? *
Not applicable to adult students, so please just put N/A here adult students.
What is the preferred method to contact you first in the event of a same-day cancellation of lessons? *
Emails and texts are the fastest and easiest way for me to contact all students quickly but please let me know your preference.  It is rare I will need to cancel last minute, but this would include dangerous weather conditions, power outages, and medical emergencies.
Home phone number? Or primary number if there is no home phone. *
Mobile phone number #1 - and who's phone? *
This will be the number I call or text if a student does not show up for their lesson unexpectedly.  Example:  Monica (410)905-0997
If I need to contact you quickly about weather conditions or if I am ill and need to cancel lessons, or some other brief matter-- can I text you? *
Mobile phone number #2 - and who's phone?
Email address #1- please have your name in quotations: *
example:  "Monica Schwartz" <>
Email address #2- please have your name in quotations:
example:  "Monica Schwartz" <>
Email address #3- please have your name in quotations:
example:  "Monica Schwartz" <>
Home address? *
This is incase I need to send you a thank you note or other coorespondence!
School your student attends? (if applicable)
What year (and/or month if recent) did this bassoon student begin playing bassoon?
(OPTIONAL) Do you have a home business, provide services, or are affliated local business you'd like me to know about?
Type of business and website, or other contact info appreciated!  I would like to patronize your businesses or pass on your info if I can.
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