Technology Questionnaire from Erving Elementary School
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Does your student(s) have access to a device at home: *
If you have a device at home, what do you have? (Please check all that apply)
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If you have internet at home, rate the quality of service
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How comfortable is your student with using technology to complete classwork at home? *
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Very comfortable (Can use tech with ease)
How comfortable are you with using video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Hangouts
Not comfortable at all (Need extra support)
Very comfortable (Can use these tools with ease)
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your student(s) ability to do school work at home that requires technology and/or the Internet?
(e.g., you have to share your wifi with a spouse or children who stream videos; you have to share your device with family members; your device hasn't been reliable lately)
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