Virtual Valley Games Discord Moderator Application
If you run into difficulties completing this form...
Contact Ristone3#9903 on Discord using DM's. Do not ping. My DM's on Discord will be open to all server members until this form is closed.
What you need to know
There are no "wrong answers" and no single answer to a question will disqualify you from being considered. Keep in mind that your moderation history in the Discord server will be considered when determining if you're qualified to be a moderator in the server. We encourage you to apply regardless of your moderation history.
Will I be compensated?
This is a volunteer position, you will not be financially compensated. You will however get cheers from the Virtual Valley Games team, and make some new friends along the way. If nothing else, this is good experience learning how to moderate a community, and could help you out in your professional future!
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