United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, 2020 General Campaign Agency Recertification
The United Way Donor Choice Program (DCP) is a courtesy service where we offer our donors the option to designate to other nonprofit Health and Human Service agencies, that are currently eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Agencies are required complete this form to be given consideration to receive prospective contributions through our annual General Campaign.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Instructions and information are provided throughout this document. A copy of your completed form will be sent from "Google Forms" to the email address provided directly below. This will only take a few minutes of your time (once you begin, you will have to complete it, or start over). PLEASE double check your accuracy on each page. For questions or corrections on already submitted forms, or if you need assistance locating your EIN, please send an email to customerservice@uwbec.org

1. Complete this form only ONE TIME for this location and communicate within your org.
2. The "Tab" key will advance you to each field.
3. Some lines may look partially hidden; however, all data will be visible once submitted.
4. Please use PROPER capitalization format, rather than all CAPS or lower case.
5. Fields with an asterisk * are Required - for ones that are NOT applicable, LEAVE BLANK.
6. You will not be able to proceed if you have any error alerts shown in RED.
7. Copying & pasting from other sources could cause errors due to HTML codes/tags, etc.
8. * PLEASE double check your ACCURACY before submitting this form (corrections cost us time).
9. Utilize the BACK and NEXT buttons at the bottom of each page to review and change your answers.
10. Leading Officer shall type Signatory Name to certify on behalf of agency before submission.
11. After you click "SUBMIT", you will immediately see the CONFIRMATION MESSAGE: "Thank you! Your responses have been recorded. A copy of your agency's completed form will be sent to the email address provided on page 1."

Lastly, to ensure you receive essential business correspondence from us, you may want to "Whitelist" @uwbec.org to prevent your email filters and server from blocking important emails.
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