Application for Representations of Oppression in SFF
Thanks for expressing interest in my ExCo! This is just a quick form to take care of some logistics & to get a sense of what prior knowledge or experience students have before coming into the class. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or additional comments.
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How comfortable or experienced are you with literary analysis?
Your experience can include anything from critical thinking about science fiction and fantasy stories you've heard before to literature courses taken at the college level.
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I am not involved in and have no prior experience with social justice
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What is your favorite sci-fi/fantasy book, movie, short story, TV show, etc? Why?
This course will spend a lot of time in group discussion and will cover many difficult topics. What does a safe(r) discussion space look like to you? What actions can we as a class / I as an instructor take to make discussions as safe and productive as possible for you?
Are there any access needs you would like me to be aware of?
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