Marketing Challenge: A Day In Fouka Bay!
This summer is going to be unmissable, because we are launching Tatweer Misr’s first operational development in New Sahel, Fouka Bay. At Fouka Bay, clients can live in a fully integrated compound that includes every facility imaginable; from private & public beaches and lagoons, to five-star hotel facilities, housekeeping services, retail outlets and international cuisines.

Fouka Bay offers residents and visitors a total full-day experience, with so many activities throughout the day that you never need to leave the compound. Only in Fouka Bay will you have the true Sahel experience. Whether you're spending the day with friends or family, whether you're an early or late riser, whether you're super active or just want to chill, you will have your best day with Fouka Bay.

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What is the Marketing Challenge?
Create an innovative MARKETING campaign for Fouka Bay 2019

The Marketing Campaign should focus on experiences Fouka Bay will bring to residents and non-residents. Experiences should be throughout the compound and should cover the full day. Whether on the beach or off the beach we want to make sure that the true full day experience is there.

Your target segment
A class, young families, and hip & young adults. Also, people who are looking to have the time of their life within a fully integrated summer town.

Challenge Breakdown
Design a complete beach day/ full day experience for Fouka Bay that will ensure that all residents & guests from all age groups will be entertained.

Present a communication plan that will show people, the life in Fouka Bay and the unique experiences it holds to ensure that even people who can’t visit Fouka Bay are aware of what’s happening.

What does your presentation need to include?
Proposal should include:
1. Activities that will make people NOT leave Fouka Bay
2. New trends and out-of-the-box ideas
3. How will you encourage people to come to Fouka Bay. Once in Fouka Bay, how can we make them stay?
4. What memories will people leave with?
5. Entire experience at Fouka Bay from morning to night that includes:
- Services
- Facilities
- Summer Activities
- On-ground Activations and events
6. Make Fouka Bay the “in-place” in 2019, a place that not only residents would enjoy but also non-residents wouldn’t want to miss out on
7. What are the benefits for Tatweer Misr

Winning ideas need a strong presentation with:
1. Outdoor Ads Design
2. Magazines Ads
3. Online and Social Media Campaign
4. Non-traditional mediums, cool different ways you will reach people and tell them about Fouka Bay and the activities proposed

How do I present my idea?
Tell us your idea in a short presentation format of maximum 5 slides showing your design.

Add a shareable link to your presentation in the form below.
You can use any format and even add hand drawn ideas, but please make sure the presentation is accessible.
*You can use Google Drive or Dropbox to share

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