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Prep 00
A concentrated occlusion serum for skin hydro-regulation and cell regeneration. Indications: Skin hydration balance. Integral cell activity renewal. Step one in the clinical protocol.
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Caucasian Skin 01
Professional use chemical dermabrasion cream for skin phototypes I-IV. IndicationsMelasma/chloasma treatment for patients with phototype I – IV.
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Ethnic skin 01
Professional use chemical dermabrasion cream for skin phototypes IV-V1. Indications Melasma/chloasma treatment for patients with phototype IV – VI.
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Spots 01
Specific professional depigmenting kit for solar lentigos. Indications: Solar lentigo and hyperkeratosis treatment.
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ID 01
Professional transdermal release solution to aid depigmenting treatments. Indications:Extracellular matrix restructuring and optimised aesthetic skin hyperpigmentation treatment.
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Dark Circles 01
Indications: Product indicated to improve and attenuate pigmentations in the periorbital region.
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Intimate 01
Professional use antioxidant keratolytic solution for intimate areas. Indications: Improves hyperpigmentation in the genito-anal region.
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