2018 Robot Block Party Exhibitor Application
The Robot Block Party is Rhode Island's Celebration of National Robotics Week. Held in the Pizzitola Sports Center at Brown University on Saturday, April 7, 2018 from 11 AM - 4 PM, the Robot Block Party is a partnership between Rhode Island Students of the Future and the Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative at Brown University. To apply to be an exhibitor, please complete this form. Exhibit space is limited.
Best of Rhode Island Award Winner
Robot Block Party 2018
Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative at Brown University
Rhode Island Students of the Future
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The Robot Block Party
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Photo courtesy of Peter Goldberg and Brown University
Support the Robot Block Party
Rhode Island Students of the Future is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your sponsorship, donation or t-shirt purchase supports the expenses of running the Robot Block Party. If you check the "pre-order t-shirts" box, we'll send you an order form in January.
Terms & Conditions
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Set up and Removal of Exhibits *
The event is open from 11 AM - 4 PM. Exhibits will be set up between 8 AM and 10:30 AM on 4/7/18. (The venue may be available on Friday night to set up as well.) Exhibitors are asked to remain set up until 4:10 pm on Saturday for safety reasons, so that we may clear spectators from the building before load out begins.
Use of Space *
You will have a table and space around it, measuring roughly 8'x8'. Exhibitors are asked to limit their activities and confine their displays to the space provided. You agree you will not obstruct aisles or prevent ready access to nearby exhibitors' space.
Liability & Insurance *
All exhibitors and students must sign and submit a consent & release form in order to exhibit at this event. RISF and the HCRI are not liable for loss or damage to property of the exhibitors or their representatives or employees from theft, fire, or accident. The exhibitor shall indemnify RISF and HCRI against and hold it harmless from, negligence of the exhibitor or in connection with the exhibitor's use of display space.
Supervision of children
K-12 exhibitors agree to provide adequate adult supervision for your team or group at all times. We hope students will enjoy the event and check out the other cool displays and demos. Plan to have at least 1 adult at your table and at least 1 to supervise children who are touring the Robot Block Party. Students will refrain from shooting baskets, playing tag, etc. in the gym during the Robot Block Party.
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