GSB Movie Night Sign-up
⏰ Date & Time: 2/18/2020 (T) 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
🏨 Location: Bruininks 512

This is the RSVP form for our Global Study Buddies (GSB) Movie Night.
Come to grab the popcorn, meet new friends, and have fun!
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Psychology International Student Association (PISA) collects the following information for our preparation for Global Study Buddies (GSB) for Spring 2020.
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General GSB Program
Global Study Buddies (GSB) is a program held by PISA to assist you in studying Psychology classes. We divide students into power study groups based on the psychology classes you are taking and provide a comfortable study environment where collaboration and cooperation are valued.
GSB will be held on Tuesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm biweekly. Each one of them will have different themes include guest speakers and social events. You could meet your group mates, play games with us, and grab free food.
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PISAport is a parallel program running concurrently with GSB. Every week, we will assign some little but interesting tasks or challenges for you to complete by yourself or with your peers online or offline (people who attending for GSB could earn bonus points!). We use this track to welcome people who are interested in but not able to make for our GSB event to join us, and to encourage all of you to engage more in the campus, hang out with your peers, and get familiar with our amazing board and officers!
For our last GSB, we will have a little award ceremony to give little presents to people who joined and completed most of the tasks we assigned!
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