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The Ridge Rockwall currently offers 3 classes; belay class, intro to climbing movements, and transitioning to outdoors. Please fill out the top information portion, then choose the time and date of what class you would like. For any class you aren't taking, choose the "N/A" option.
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Belay Class Description
Instructors will teach you proper belay techniques, knots, safety practices, and about climbing gear.

Belaying is best with a buddy, please try and sign up with a friend for easier practice and more fun ;)

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Movement Class Description (Gone until next Semester)
This class is an introduction to movement and technique done by climbers in order to help improve their skills and better their abilities. The class will cover all sorts of different techniques and moves that will make climbing easier. Also, some climbing vocabulary will be covered to get a better understanding of what climbers talk about. All are welcome to take this class!
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Transition to Outdoor Description (Gone until Further notice)
This class is meant to help prepare gym climbers tackle the outdoor climbing world. It will go over different climbing types, safety, etiquette, necessary gear, and a general idea of what to expect. Knowing climbing basics prior to the class is recommended (for a better understanding) but not required. This class will not teach you how to climb or any technical skill, it is only giving you information about climbing outdoors.
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