2019 - 2020 Mission Priority One Report
Complete report on line and submit or print and email to
Georgia District NMI Mission Priority One Secretary Doris King swgvoL2@bellsouth.net
1202 N. McKinley, Albany, GA 31701

FIRST and SECOND place awards will be given at the NMI convention in the following categories:
1 - 50 Church Members, 51 - 100 Church Members, 101 - 200 Church members, 201 + Church members
Enter # of points in answer section for each question you participated in. Enter Total at the end.
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Church Name *
NMI President *
# of Church Members *
Write points in answer sections of ones you completed.
A 1. Church gave at least 5.5% of current year income to WEF (100 points) Write points in answer section.
2. Award of Excellence (5.7 % of current year income or extra $1500) (75 points)
3. Church is 10% for World Evangelism (50 points)
B 1. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries offering (25 points)
2. Crisis Care Kits mailed or brought to convention or DRT (10 points per kit)
3. School Pal Paks mailed or brought to convention (10 points per kit)
4. Disaster relief shipments (number x's 50 pts.)
5. Disaster relief offering (50 points)
C 1. LINKS assignment paid in full ($20.00 minimum / no max per church due Oct. 15) (25 points)
2. . LINKS additional cash sent for birthdays, Christmas, etc. (25 points)
1. World Mission Broadcast offering (25 points)
2. District Children's Project ($5-$24 = 15 pts.; $25-$49 = 30 pts.; $50 or more = 50)
3. District Youth Project ($5-$24 = 15 pts.; $25-$49 = 30 pts.; $50 or more = 50 pts)
4. Deputation Offering (50 points)
Alabaster Offering (Feb offering 25 points; Sept offering 25 points)
A. Used Mission Education resources (50 points)
B. Promoted NMI Mission books/tapes/CDs (50 points)
C. Attended service(s) with mission speaker (includes church, convention, CMD, Youthquake) (50 points)
A. . Subscribes to Prayer Mobilization Line (50 points)
B. Prayed for missions and missionaries throughout the world (50 points)
A. Children attended Children’s Mission Day (number x's 10 pts.)
B. Children attended mission lessons at camp (number x's 10 pts.)
C. Youth attended Youthquake (number x's 10 pts.)
D. Work & Witness
1. Youth W&W team member on district or local team to a Nazarene work site (# x’s 10 pts)
2. Adult W&W team member on district or local team to a Nazarene work site (# x’s 10 pts)
3. Disaster Response Team (DRT) – participated (# x’s 10 pts
E. Missionary Health Care
1. Memorial Roll Certificates Presented (number x's 10 pts.)
2. Distinguished Service Award Presented (number x's 25 pts.)
3. Missionary Health Care Offering (25 points)
F. Community Service Project(s) (# x's 10 points)
G. EvangeHats (20 points per hat)
H. Box Tops for Education (25 pts) and/or Coke Caps for Native American Christian Academy (25 pts)
V. ** Additional 100 if you sent in or submitted your Local Presidents Report (100 points)
VI. OPTIONAL But Greatly Appreciated: In the space below, PLEASE SHARE a unique mission accomplishment, either local or international, of which your church is most proud.
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