Get involved in Community Building 2024
              Newcomers welcome clubs are needed everywhere

This  form is updated in April 2024 by Richard Lucas - It's for people who want to help with getting Newcomer Welcome Clubs going, or supporting existing ones. 

During the course of this year I expect to develop documents and videos on
- Why this movement matters
- How to map your local eco system
- how to build alliances with existing community leaders
- How to build a team for longevity.
- How to lead a group of volunteers.

Purpose - The purpose is for those who want to help me with community building or other activities to let me know,  describe how they can help and the roles they are interested in. I may steer people filling in the form towards people running projects, incorporate them into my own activities, or ask them to take charge of something. 

Background I have been hosting community events and meetups for decades,  as part of global movements like TEDx and Open Coffee, and also ones I've created from scratch.  Done correctly they can be a valuable tool in helping people have more impact, joy and connection in their lives, and also fighting important global problems like isolation, and loneliness. 

I aim to build a global organisation supporting local groups, loosely modelled in terms of architecture on the TED-TEDx model. 
if you want to help thank you. Please fill in the form.  if you have signed up/filled in one of my other forms and no one got back to that's my fault. sorry. 

Being a volunteer is not paid, but it is a commitment as other people will be relying on you. Being a volunteer take varied levels of commitment, it can becomes part of life,  integrate into your social life, or be something that people help with from time to time . Things worth doing are worth  committing to. I am revisiting the idea that projects should be 100% voluntary based on what I have observed visiting other successful non profits.  If you want to turn volunteering into a paid NGO position over time. maybe this is something that can happen. 

Making money I'm lucky in that I don't need to make a living out of doing this, and I am aware of the fact that this is not a situation everyone is in. I am actively going to support people who need to cover their costs/monetise their community building activities, provided they are aligned with the inclusive open values.

Head office/Local
Some functions are global, (as it were, the head office of TED), others are local, getting groups going in local areas, I need help with both. 

Some useful links
Introduction to Newcomers Welcome Clubs
Open Coffee:  Introduction + Hosting
Krakow Newcomer Welcome Group
Lisbon Newcomer Welcome Groups is here
Open Coffee Lisbon group is here

The idea of a Newcomers Welcome club was spun off from the launch of Village in the City founded by Mark McKergow. The idea of Village in the City world wide is to maintain and sustain the community spirit that sometimes emerged during Covid and help build back better and stronger than before.. Since its launch in 2020 Village in the City  has spread to many countries around the world. You can see them here . The goals, purpose and values are described here   You can see and hear the founder Mark McKergow talking about how the project came into being on the TEDxKazimierz stage here

Other community building projects that I've had on my TEDxKazimierz stage include:
This project is already up and running, and in several countries. 

Happy to Chat Benches 

I have a "no bad questions" mindset. If you have doubts, are not sure or just want to ask a question, please shoot me an email and connect with me on Linkedin

My plan for 2021/22 was here I'll update it soon.  If you want to work for or with me on business topics go here   

Richard Lucas
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