Northern Eagles Registration 2021
As a part of the registration process each registering player is required to acknowledge the Association’s statement of purpose via Sporting Pulse/VCFA. They do this by reading these statements, entering their details there and agreeing to the registration principles on Sporting Pulse. Complete ALL sections of this Club form for Club purposes, as well as the Online Sporting Pulse registration (2021 link will be advised soon).

I, the here named player declare the following:
1. This registration information is correct;
2. I will abide by the Association’s rules and regulations as well as NESC Codes of conduct, which affect players;
3. I understand that I am registering to play for Northern Eagles and not a specific team, and maybe required to move up or down divisions according to where I am needed

The same insurance will be offered again in 2021 as it was in 2019. If you would like more information please contact Jarrod at

Fees for 2021:
Senior Men - $475
Senior Women - $385
Junior - $280
Goal Kick - $150

Konqa kits for all players - $80

For those with the credit from 2020 please contact Jarrod before paying.

Fees will be due on March 19th. If you are unable to pay your fees by the required date please email Jarrod Moulton at or speak to him at training. All conversation regarding this will be confidential and only bought to the board if needed. Fees are non refundable unless directed by the board.
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Are you a returning or new player? *
If you are new, how did you hear about us? E.g Facebook, flyers, refered by a friend (please state name).
Kit size (Goal kick - No kit required)
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Do you attend a local church (not a member pre-requisite). If so which one?
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