FAT*2020 - Financial Support - First Round
For instructions, see https://fatconference.org/2020/scholarships.html

The personal data we collect in this form will be used for the purpose of allocating financial support to attendees of ACM FAT*2020 who request it. There is no obligation to answer any question marked "[optional]" when applying for financial support.

The personal data collected through this form will be stored in a secure file in a cloud server to which the Financial Support Chair, and the Diversity and Inclusion Chair, and the two General Chairs will have access. If the financial support is granted, ACM will be informed of the name, e-mail address, whether a registration fee waiver was granted, and the amount of the travel grant, for the purposes of processing their registration and reimbursing expenses or pay the amount granted.

Personal data will be deleted at the end of the conference (end of January 2020). Applicants have the right to access, modify, and delete their application data at any point by e-mailing general-chairs@fatconference.org.
Email address *
Basic information
Name *
As shown in your passport or travel document used for traveling to the conference.
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Financial support eligibility *
During the first round, only organizers of an accepted tutorial or CRAFT proposal are eligible.
Accepted tutorial or CRAFT proposal number/ID *
The number/ID of your accepted proposal
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Age and gender information [optional]
There is no obligation to answer any question marked "[optional]".
What is your age group? [optional]
What is your gender identity? [optional]
A supplementary form that you can complete after this one, available at https://form.jotformeu.com/92804076509360, allows you to indicate if you identify as being a member of a group that is underrepresented at events such as this conference, or if you have a disability.
Funds request
City and country from which you will be departing *
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Length of stay in days *
How many nights will you stay in town
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Request for a fee waiver *
Requested funds for plane ticket (in euro, €) *
If you need funds for your plane ticket, indicate the cost of an airplane ticket in economy class, direct (when possible). Otherwise indicate 0.
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Requested funds for bus/train (in euro, €) *
If you need funds to come by train, or for taking public transportation from/to airports. Otherwise indicate 0.
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Requested funds for hotel (in euro, €) *
If you need funds for hotel/hostel stays. Otherwise indicate 0.
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Requested funds for meals (in euro, €) *
Coffee breaks and lunch will be provided at the conference venue. If you need additional funds for meals please specify. Otherwise indicate 0.
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Total amount requested (in euro, €) *
Maximum €1500 if you are the only co-organizer of your tutorial/CRAFT proposal requesting funds. Maximum €750 if two co-organizers of the same tutorial/CRAFT proposal request funds.
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Financial support modality
ACM provides two financial support modalities for the requested amount. In both cases, the money will be transferred to you *after* the conference takes place.
Preferred financial support mode *
In modality A. Expense reimbursement paid after the conference, you will be provided a link to an ACM page for uploading your receipts for flight, hotel, ground transportation, meals, and you will be reimbursed for eligible expenses. In modality B. Lump sum paid after the conference, you will be provided a link to an ACM page for indicating your mailing address, permanent address, and national tax ID number; you will be transferred the requested amount and this will be considered as taxable income that you will need to report to your national tax authority.
Justification of the need for financial support
Current affiliation *
Name of your employer or place of study, or "none" if independent.
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Type of affiliation/employment *
Current sources of funding *
Indicate institutional and other sources of funding you will use to attend the conference (e.g., own funds, institutional support, grant) and the amount (in euro, €).
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Justification of the need for a travel grant
Lack of sufficient institutional budget to cover these expenses, lack of sufficient support from other sources, or other reasons.
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Applicant's statement *
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