INFO 3300 / CS 3300 / INFO 5100 waiting list
Please submit this form if you are not able to register for this course, but would like to be considered. You will be sent a PIN to add the course when a space is available. Because of concerns about students "holding places" for other students, we will not provide any information about your exact position, but we may be able to estimate the chance that you will be able to register. The undergraduate sections (3300) are for undergraduates ONLY, and undergraduates may not take 5100. Within each section preference will be given to students who need this specific course to graduate, which means more senior students and students in IS/CS programs. We cannot give preference to students who would like to take the course as an elective, even to fulfill degree requirements.

Prerequisites: Doing well in the course requires that you work collaboratively with peers and use a wide range of skills, from functional programming to perception and color theory. Nobody will be expert in every one of these, and in the past some students have been successful in filling in gaps during the class. But because a large part of the work will involve working together in groups to build sophisticated web applications, it's important that everyone have a sufficient level of preparation.

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