Aid Worker Wellness Classes, Clubs or Services
Greetings! We are trying to map all of the yoga, meditation, and exercise classes, which aid workers have access to globally. The goal is to create a service directory by country (to be regularly updated), which is available online so that anyone going to a new posting will know what classes are available and have all the necessary details. This will help enable better access to wellness services for our community.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or someone in HR who is supporting staff to have access to wellness classes we want to hear from you. So please take just 5 minutes to fill out this form and then pass along the link to anyone else who you think may have information on classes for aid workers in your country or another country (even if they are held under a palapa or in someone's house, we want to know).

Thank you!
The Aid Worker Wellness Directory

What country and city are the classes offered?
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Are you a student or the teacher?
Are you from the country where the classes are offered?
What type of classes are offered?
If yoga, which type?
How long is the class (or club meet up)?
Which day(s) of the week are classes offered (check all that apply)?
What time is the class (please indicate for each day)?
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Do the instructors get paid for teaching?
Is there a fee to attend the class?
If there is a set fee (or suggestion donation), how much is it (please be sure to indicate the currency)?
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If instructors get paid, who pays them?
Where are the classes held?
Who can attend the class(es)? Please check all that apply
Who actually attends the class(es)? Please check all that apply
The teachers are
How do you let your community know about the classes?
Are you interested in having your class listed in a service directory for aid workers (if you are not the teacher please note in OTHER here)?
If yes, please write the contact name/email/phone for the classYour answer
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If yes, please write a short description of the class (100 words) for the directory
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If yes (and you are the teacher) please write a short Bio
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If you are an aid or development worker, are there other health and wellness services available through your work?
If you are an aid or development worker, are there other health and wellness services available where you live?
If you are an aid or development worker, what other types of health and wellness services are available where you work or live?
Are there any yoga or wellness retreats you have been on for R&R that you would recommend? If yes, please fill in the name, contact information, location, and what you liked about it.
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Is there anything else you would like to add or share (maybe why do you go to the classes or why do you teach for this community)?
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