2018 Crescent Rotary Foundation Grant Application Form
Applications will be reviewed quarterly.
All of the answers on this form will be made available to all Crescent Rotary Board Foundation and the Crescent Rotary Members.

If you have any questions about the application form or grantmaking process, you can email Linda Higgins at linda@lhigginsdesign.com

Charitable Organization Information
Name of Organization
If the organization is qualified as a charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, please click "add file" below and upload the IRS determination letter.
Contact person for organization *
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Please identify any member(s) of Crescent Rotary Club affiliated with your organization and their affiliation (board member, volunteer, employee, participant, etc): *
If the Crescent Rotary Foundation has supported your organization in the past 5 years, please list all instances, including year, amount requested, amount received and purpose of the grant(s). *
Project Information
NOTE: Crescent Rotary Club Foundation, Inc., normally does not approve grant requests for funds that are to be placed in the requesting organization’s general operating budget or in facilities expenses. It is the Foundation’s intent to support those requests that lead to greater service through the implementation of new initiatives, through other “stand-alone” type projects, through the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment, etc.

NOTE: The Crescent Rotary Foundation will typically make grants on the order of $250 to $1,500, payable no sooner than June 2018.

Dollar Amount Requested *
Please identify which of Rotary's areas of focus will be served by the funds requested: *
Summary of request: Describe the proposed project in 280 characters or less. *
Summary of request: Describe the proposed project, its impact, how the grant will be spent and when the funds will be needed. Please provide a project budget and identify other sources of funding being sought. *
Describe the mission of your organization: Include your formal mission statement, information on the population your organization serves, how your organization functions, and any additional background information you wish to provide. *
Discuss the impact receiving this grant will have on your organization: Provide details on how it will impact your operations, raise the quality of the service you provide, increase the number of clientele your organization can serve, enable you to provide a new service, etc. *
Report to the Foundation: Discuss the willingness of your organization to provide feedback to the Foundation by written correspondence and/or a verbal report at one of Crescent Rotary Club’s luncheon meetings (should you receive a grant). *
We want to make sure our grant has a significant impact both in the community but also within the receiving organization. Tell us about your other current fundraising/development efforts in terms of staff, contributions/grants received, etc. *
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