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This is an important role for The H.B. Kapadia Group; please be as elaborate as you can, we will know you better:

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1)What do you enjoy the most about your current role and why?
2) You are an expert in? Please elaborate
3) What are the initiatives you have taken while you played your current role?
4) Point out one major difficulty you faced in detail and let us know how you resolved it?
5) What are your strengths?
6) What are your areas of improvements?
7) Do you wish to bring a positive change to our society & be a part of great contribution to budding lives? How?
8) Do you explore new educational tools? Please mention your latest learning on this?
9) Do you read articles? Which are the sources you refer to? Please mention latest articles you've read and what you learnt?
10) Do list out workshops you have attended in the last 12 months & what did you learn from it?
11) Please list out additional educational courses or certificates you have taken up in last 3 years.
12) What is the latest upgrade you brought to your life or someone close to you or to a peer? Share your experience
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