Evangelical Anabaptist Leadership Profile
Welcome to Evana Network's Leadership Profile! This form is for individuals interested in a pastoral position within an evangelical Anabaptist congregation. We're grateful for you and for your willingness to invest in God's kingdom in this way!

To fill out this form, you will need a Google login. Due to the sensitive nature of pastoral information and transitions, we recommend creating a new account or using an account separate from your current place of employment. You can create a new gmail account for free at this link. https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?service=mail

You can log back in and complete this form at any time and in multiple sessions. Once you have completed and submitted the profile, send an email to info@evananetwork.org letting us know if you would like to complete the background check right away or wait until you move forward in an active search process. If you do not do a background check, your name can still be submitted to active search teams. If search teams have interest in moving forward in the search process with you, a background check will be required at that point. Once it is time to move forward with a background check, you will receive access to a link to verify your information and to submit a $30 application fee to cover the cost of a background check. Your profile cannot move forward in the search process until payment is made. If you've had a background check through Evana Network within the last year, your fee will be waived.
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This is an extensive leadership profile for persons who are credentialed by Evana Network, looking for a new ministry leadership position with a church within Evana Network or who desire credentialing by Evana Network. This information is private and available only to Evana staff and Regional Pastors. It will also be shown to specific search committees if interest is shown for a particular pastoral opening. If you are a ministry leader who already has a membership with Evana and are seeking a new ministry role, we recommend using a separate email for this form and for the pastoral search process.

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