Attendee Survey (Big Data Day LA 2017)
Thank you for participating in Big Data Day LA 2017. We hope you had as much fun attending as we did organizing it.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts.

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Eventbrite Sign up Process
Conference Day Check-In
Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch
Keynote Speeches
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Smartphone App (iOS or Android)
Sponsor Networking
Sessions in Bovard
Sessions in Grace Ford Salvatori (GFS)
Sessions in Seeley G. Mudd (SGM)
Sessions in Taper Hall (THH)
Sessions in Waite (WPH)
Sessions in Zumberge (ZHS)
Startup Showcase Competition
Networking Reception in Alumni Park
How would you rate the following keynotes?
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Very Good - 4
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8:40 AM - Abbass Sharif
8:50 AM - Ben Welsh
9:00 AM - Espree Devora
9:10 AM - Ian Swanson
9:20 AM - Lauren Moores
9:30 AM - David Waxman
9:40 AM - Mary Bui-Pham
9:50 AM - Keith Camoosa
10:00 AM - Maggie Jan
10:10 AM - Eric Anderson
10:20 AM - Mike Warren
10:30 AM - Shala Arshi
How likely are you to attend Big Data Day LA next year?
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How can we improve the conference next year?
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